Scientologists Kept Files on 'Enemies' - 1978-05-16

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F43.png Scientologists Kept Files on 'Enemies' May 16, 1978, Ron Shaffer, Washington Post

The Church of Scientology, in its efforts to investigate and attack its "enemies," kept files on five Washington federal judges, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, other congressmen, Jacqueline Onassis, the Better Business Bureau and the American Medical Association, according to Scientology documents in the possession of federal investigators.

The Scientologists' files, summarized in a 525-page inventory filed in court by the federal government, were in many cases marked "Eyes Only," "Top Secret," "Enemy Names" and "Battle Plans." Their contents were coded with phrases like "Operation Cut Throat," "Espionage" and "Operation Big Mouth."

The documents, which were seized under subpoena by federal agents in raids of Scientology offices here and in Los Angeles last summer, include orders from top Scientology officials to investigate and attack certain government agencies, private businesses and individuals.

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