Scientologists in feud over 'tyrannical' leader - 2012-01-03

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F356.png Scientologists in feud over 'tyrannical' leader January 3, 2012, Irish Independent

THE Church of Scientology has been rocked by accusations from one of its senior executives that the religion is becoming a hollow moneymaking machine run by an autocrat.

Debbie Cook, a former executive in Scientology's "Sea Organisation" – its clergy – wrote a New Year's email to 12,000 Church members detailing her concerns.

Ms Cook, 50, accused David Miscavige, the chairman, of turning the religion into a fund-raising machine and dismantling the mechanisms in place to prevent too much individual control. She also accused Mr Miscavige, 51, of straying away from the principles of L. Ron Hubbard, the science fiction author who founded the Church in the 1950s.

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