Scientologists sue church for $1-billion - 1987-01-01

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F15.png Scientologists sue church for $1-billion January 1, 1987, AP, St. Petersburg Times

LOS ANGELES - More than 400 current and former Scientologists filed a $1-billion suit against the church Wednesday, alleging that the church tried to compromise or pay off two Florida judges and divert $100-million to foreign bank accounts.

The class-action suit, filed by attorney Lawrence Levy, also contends that church officials or their representatives committed fraud and breached fiduciary duties. It alleges further that information obtained from members during purportedly confidential "auditing" sessions with a lie detector-like device is used "for purposes of blackmail and extortion."

The suit seeks an injunction and $1-billion in punitive damages and unspecified general damages.

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