Scientologists to BBC: what planet are you on? - 2007-05-13

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F352.png Scientologists to BBC: what planet are you on? May 13, 2007, Steven Swinford , Sunday Times

The Scientologists have a long history of aggression towards critics. The church was accused 17 years ago of paying £100,000 to organise a worldwide "dirty tricks" campaign against Russell Miller, a Sunday Times journalist. A former church employee described how the cult had spied on Miller, harassed his friends and tried to discredit him by giving false information to the police.

The Panorama team, which denies the claims made in the DVD, spent six months investigating whether Scientology is a legitimate religion. As the investigation progressed, team members became increasingly concerned that they were being spied upon. They noted 13 occasions when they were trailed by unknown men, including one who turned up at Sweeney's wedding. The Church of Scientology denied it had hired private detectives.

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