Scientologists want help with brochure cost - 1987-10-10

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F15.png Scientologists want help with brochure cost October 10, 1987, Tony Doris, St. Petersburg Times

The brochure was up-tempo, glossy and multicolored; it said positive things about downtown Clearwater - and it was free, compliments of the Church of Scientology.

"Come to downtown Clearwater," it said. "Sparkling, friendly service, international shopping and dining, plenty of spacious parking!! and more...."

Merchants liked the guide to downtown shopping, which was published about two years ago and distributed to countertops throughout the business district. Now they want an update, and the Scientologists are ready to oblige.

The hitch? This time the Scientologists are asking for help with the expenses - between $6,000 and $8,000 for printing. The Downtown Clearwater Association and Downtown Development Board, representing shopkeepers and property owners, are all for it.

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