Scientology's Hard Sell - 2007-02-22

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F0.png Scientology's Hard Sell February 22, 2007, Cat Spencer, New York Inquirer

Money. That's all it was about as far as I could see. It wasn't about spiritual enlightenment, helping people, or making my life better. They wanted to take me for my hard-earned dollars through persuasion, aggression, and good old-fashioned guilt tripping. (Don't you want to get better? Then buy this book! Attend this conference!) It was Madison Avenue thinly cloaked by religion. At least advertising companies are blatant about what they are trying to do. It's a known fact that advertisers try to make consumers feel like they are lacking, and that the solution to their problems will come once they purchase that beer/shoe/yogurt/lipstick/cruise/handbag.

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