Scientology's Holy War - 2008-06-23

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F0.png Scientology's Holy War June 23, 2008, Bruce Livesey, Maisonneuve

When Armstrong met up with the Apollo, it was sailing aimlessly around the Atlantic Ocean and West Indies. Crowded onboard were four hundred Scientologists, along with Hubbard, his wife and young female messengers. Hubbard was a bearish, redheaded and seemingly paternalistic man. "He was bigger than I thought, a very big man," remembers Armstrong. "Very bulky with huge forearms and deep voice … He surrounded himself with young girls, they were the messengers. Wherever he went he had this group of young girls with him, to carry his ashtray for him. He chain-smoked non-filtered Kools, never stopped. He tried to dress in a very flamboyant manner -- cravats, capes, boots, and on board he generally had on his nautical officer's cap."

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