Scientology's Internet Wars - 1996-02-01

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F0.png Scientology's Internet Wars February 1, 1996, James Walker, The Watchman Expositor

Few people knew (or cared to know) anything about Scientology's OT materials until their lawyers - with e-mailed threats, press releases, and interviews - loudly broadcast that they were secret. The general public may still not have taken notice had Scientologists not raided the homes of their critics, in what appeared to some as gestapo-like attempts to suppress freedom of speech and religion.

Through the medium of the Internet, Scientology's foes coupled with free-speech advocates sought to focus international attention on the error and abuses of Scientology - an organization described on the cover of Time magazine as "The Cult of Greed" (6 May 1991). Scientology's tactics have accomplished what the ex-members and critics never could have done on their own - given international media exposure to the church's most closely guarded secrets.

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