Scientology's Job One: Saving the Whales - 2013-03-29

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F347.png Scientology's Job One: Saving the Whales March 29, 2013, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

For the last couple of years we've watched in amazement as a steady stream of longtime, loyal members have ditched the Church of Scientology over the actions of its leader, David Miscavige. These were veteran members not only deeply attached to the underlying ideas of Scientology, but also accustomed to paying huge amounts of money for the church's course offerings and interrogations.

Miscavige can't be oblivious to this drain of reliable income, and we've noticed that increasingly he seems to be making an effort to hold onto his remaining "whales" — the really wealthy donors who might be feeling nervous about all the bad publicity the church has been receiving lately.

Holding onto the whales helps explain the church's recent high-visibility ad campaigns which don't make a lot of sense for bringing in new people. (The Super Bowl ad is a good example.) Miscavige is trying mightily to hold onto members with deep pockets. And today, we have an interesting whale-saving success story.

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