Scientology's OT Powers! A Hubbard Holiday Miracle - 2012-02-20

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F11.png Scientology's OT Powers! A Hubbard Holiday Miracle February 20, 2012, Tony Ortega, Runnin' Scared, Village Voice

Scientology watchers, we have a special treat for you this holiday Monday.

Recently, one of our readers who is a longtime former Scientologist mailed us a treasure trove: Copies of early Advance! magazines, a complete run from issue 11 in 1971 to issue 56 in 1979. (That's L. Ron Hubbard's photo of his daughter Diana gracing the cover of issue 12.)

This stuff is pure gold. Advance! is the publication of Scientology's "advanced orgs" where experienced church members pay for pricey "upper-level" teachings. As we've written before, one of the ways Scientology gets its members to fork over huge prices for auditing is to dangle the prospect of amazing superpowers. And one of our favorite things about Advance! (when we can get our hands on a copy) is the testimonials of high-level church members enticing new suckers -- er, aspiring OTs -- with tales of their abilities to affect the physical world with their minds!

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