Scientology's Volunteer Ministers Exposed - 2010-02-16

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F355.png Scientology's Volunteer Ministers Exposed February 16, 2010, Church0fScientology, YouTube

On January 13th a high-magnitude earthquake in Haiti, near Port-au-Prince, killed over 200,000 people and reduced the city to rubble. We salute those legitimate relief organizations bringing desperately-needed medical care, basic necessities, and order to the Haitian people. Among the relief workers we have observed members of the Church of Scientology: its Volunteer Ministers, clad in bright yellow shirts, mingling with other relief organizations who are providing legitimate assistance to the Haitian people. Anonymous knows them better as the Vulture Ministers. Anonymous knows the Scientologists have not disclosed their real agenda to the organizations they are associating with. Confidential Scientology documents provide insight into the group's actual, opportunistic intent.

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