Scientology's words to hit the airwaves - 1993-08-28

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F15.png Scientology's words to hit the airwaves August 28, 1993, Wayne Garcia, St. Petersburg Times

Cartwright, jazz pianist Chick Corea and other celebrities are helping sell Dianetics in the infomercial. They're part of a show hawking a $69.95 package that includes the book, audio and video tapes and other instructional material to help you begin counseling yourself and others.

Scientology is never mentioned in the infomercial, called Dianetics: The Bridge To Clear. To many people, the word "Scientology" is linked to its critics' contentions that it is a money-making scheme or, at worst, a cult. Scientology officials point to more than 60 court decisions validating their status as a religion.

Even without the word Scientology, the importance of the infomercial to the organization is clear.

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