Scientology:Distorted Perception,Delusional Beliefs and Demented Actions - 2018-05-04

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F355.png Scientology:Distorted Perception,Delusional Beliefs and Demented Actions May 4, 2018, Brian Sheen, YouTube

Why do intelligent and once caring people get trapped in supporting an organization which breaks families apart, encourages members to attack and destroy members who decide to leave? Why would these people accept directions by their "church" to do all they can to destroy anyone who points out their fraudulent statements and false promises for which they have been found guilty again and again in courts throughout the world?

This was the question I asked and feel it has never been fully answered as to why, until now! This video may shock you to think these completely crazy made up science fiction fantasies are in fact the hidden doctrine of Scientology and you may be stunned to learn what the "advanced" OT Scientologists go through in their Don Quixote quest to become a super human with god like spiritual powers. Sadly, will learn, how in fact the opposite happens and the mind control techniques Scientology uses creates dis-associative personalities, bi-polar disorders, schizophrenia, paranoia and delusions of grandiosity!

And while you digest all that you hear and see I would like you to ask yourself a couple of question; should a group like this be allowed to create these brainwashing conditions with their members while being supported with our tax dollars? should any group like this not be held responsible for the continue violation of members and non- members constitutional rights causing enormous suffering and damages ?

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