Scientology: A History of Violence - 2010-03-30

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F203.png Scientology: A History of Violence March 30, 2010, Anderson Cooper, CNN

HAWKINS: Miscavige was always threats, bullying, haranguing people, verbal abuse, physical abuse. That was his game. He's -- he is a bully.

COOPER (voice-over): Jeff Hawkins was a Scientologist for 35 years. A marketing director for the church, he was a member of the Sea Organization, the group that runs church operations worldwide. He had dedicated his life to Scientology. A true believer, he earned just $50 a week and lived in church-provided communal housing with other Sea Org members in California.

(on camera) You've worked with Marty Rathbun. You've worked with Mike Rinder. The church told us that they were the ones leading this rein of terror, that Marty was the one responsible for -- for these beatings.

HAWKINS: Absolutely not true. Absolutely not true. David Miscavige was the one leading this whole physical violence kick. And it was him who was beating people up. COOPER (voice-over): Hawkins, who left in 2005, says Miscavige attacked him several times, including once during a marketing meeting.

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