Scientology: Jeff Stone's Changing Story - 2009-02-27

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F355.png Scientology: Jeff Stone's Changing Story February 27, 2009, Mark Bunker, YouTube

PirateofAnonymous has put together this look at how Supervisor Jeff Stone has railroaded an ordinance into place in Riverside County, California to try to stop protests at Scientology's desert compound near Hemet.

Called "Gold," this sprawling compound is where Scientology leader David Miscavige lives and rules over the organization. The gates are constantly guarded, the iron fence covered with spikes and barbed wire to keep members of the Sea Org (Scientology's elite paramilitary unit) from leaving.

Sea Org members sign a billion-year service contract, pledging to return lifetime after lifetime to work for Scientology to help "clear the planet," which means to convert everyone to Scientology. Some 2% of the population Hubbard described as Suppressive Persons. SP's should be eliminated "quietly and without sorrow," he wrote.

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