Scientology 'body-routing': When no one wants what you're selling - 2019-03-29

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F347.png Scientology 'body-routing': When no one wants what you're selling March 29, 2019, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

(Hunting game in Burbank)

Our correspondent with photography skills is back, and we really enjoyed the story he told us along with his new snapshots...

The San Fernando Valley Ideal Org is on Burbank Blvd just west of Lankershim in North Hollywood. Normally the workers there "body route" in the area around the Org, sometimes in groups, all the way to the North Hollywood Metro Red Line station. Sometimes they go a little beyond that southbound to Magnolia and get coffee at the Starbucks there. But I haven't seen them body routing the subway station for some time. What I have seen is this older gentleman handing out pamphlets in front of Porto's Bakery in Burbank at Magnolia and Hollywood Way. I know he's coming from the Valley Org because I've seen him around there on a regular basis. This location is some distance away from the Valley Org so I decided to go and ask why he is body routing so far from the Org and in front of a private business with less foot traffic than the public subway station they used to frequent. I suspect the reason has to do with the demographic differences but I decided to give Scientology the benefit of the doubt and try asking.

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