Scientology - 2006-12-09

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F345.png Scientology December 9, 2006, Oliver Burkeman, Weekend, The Guardian

The centre used to be a shabby shop offering free personality tests. But Scientology has revamped it, and now it's bright and welcoming, as if to forestall the accusation that they might be a secretive cult. A smiling man in a suit smiled at me and invited me to watch a video. "Then I"ll explain some more," he smiled. Did I mention he was smiling?

Space aliens notwithstanding, new age kookiness isn't the problem here. The more I explore self-help, the more tolerant I become of those who believe in angels and spirit guides: they're well-meaning, mostly, and if I happen not to share their metaphors for understanding life, so be it. But Scientologists claim to be scientific. (There's a clue in the name.)

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