Scientology - A Question of Faith - 2006-10-28

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F9.png Scientology - A Question of Faith October 28, 2006, 48 Hours, CBS News

In the fall of 2002, the Perkinses drove their 27-year-old son to Dr. Conrad Maulfair, a Scientologist and osteopath in Pennsylvania who promotes natural, drug-free healing methods.

"They had to physically forcibly drag him in there. He didn't appreciate the treatment," says Case.

Nuchereno says Maulfair's clinic had an unusual explanation for Jeremy's symptoms. "They conclude that he was suffering from certain digestive problems, that he had certain chemical toxins in his body. And he needed to be purged of it. And he needed to be energized through vitamin therapy," he explains.

Asked if vitamin therapy for this profound mental illness is a treatment, Dr. Joseph says, "No, it's nonsense."

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