Scientology - The War is Over! - Full event video - 2014-07-27

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F355.png Scientology - The War is Over! - Full event video July 27, 2014, AngryGayPope, YouTube

Global Exclusive! Feast your eyes on almost three hours of the Church of Scientology's most infamous and historic event: The end of their 30 year war with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This grainy video is so secret and rare that the Church of Scientology fights to keep it off the Internet. You are advised to download this large video file to your computer and save it for posterity. You won't find it anywhere else because I am the only one the Church won't persecute for posting it.

Don't miss the huge opening number but the meat of the video begins here: 01:32:10 .

There is much interest in this historic video but the Church may try to have it deleted because they are seen gloating about their victory against the US taxation authorities. Google makes a lot of money off of the Church and usually does its evil bidding in such matters.

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