Scientology Bankrupted Me - Finances Ruined - 2016-12-15

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F355.png Scientology Bankrupted Me - Finances Ruined December 15, 2016, Steven Mango, YouTube

Scientology took $50,000 and ruined my finances. I thought I was on a journey to spiritual immortality and to bettering our planet, but it was all a lie. Whether I voluntarily gave Scientology money, or whether they stole the money without my permission, I ended up in a huge hole with money that I struggle with to this day.

This video is very personal for me and it's hard for me to open up about my finances and needing to settle my credit card debt. I hope it can help others who may be struggling with money and may not see the light, because I was able to reduce my debt substantially since acknowledging my debt was a burdening problem in my life.

My Video "Inside The Scientology Celebrity Centre":

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