Scientology Blowout: Commenters of the Week! - 2011-07-17

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F11.png Scientology Blowout: Commenters of the Week! July 17, 2011, Tony Ortega, Runnin' Scared, Village Voice

A few more L-Rundowns, and this planet could be yours! Yet another week has gone by, and this one did not disappoint. Just a few hours after we posted last week's best comments, we were caught up in the exciting story of Placido Domingo Jr., who talked to us Saturday night about Scientology's "scary and pathetic" retaliation against him.

On Monday, we unleashed a movie that immortalizes "Captain Bill" Robertson singing his ode to the "Galactic Patrol." That night, Janet Reitman read from her book Inside Scientology at Half King in Chelsea, and we had a report the next day. On Wednesday, we updated our story about the spying operation that targeted Marc Headley with additional Scientology intelligence documents from former OSA operative Frank Oliver.

On Thursday, we had a double treat: first, an interview with former Scientology spy Nancy Many (who had some intriguing tidbits about Jerry Seinfeld's stint in the church), and then we posted an inspiring fundraising video from Scientology's Phoenix "org." (Unfortunately, it looks like the church decided to take down the video rather than share its awesome money-making secrets.) On Friday, we brought an interesting update to the Squirrel Busters' "I'm on a boat" video -- a response from the Squirrel Busters themselves! And finally, earlier today we posted another intimidation video from South Texas and also helped Scientology get the word out that it doesn't appreciate Reitman's book.

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