Scientology Exploits The Virginia Tech Tragedy - 2007-04-25

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F0.png Scientology Exploits The Virginia Tech Tragedy April 25, 2007, Mark Ebner, Orato

After wholesale blaming the massacre on psychiatric drugs before the killer was even identified, they descended like vultures upon the grief-stricken Virginia Tech campus. Based on internal memos I've received, I can prove that Scientology's goals at VT are not in the least bit altruistic. Hubbard's own doctrine specifies that they are not about charity "without fair exchange." They seek only to benefit from whatever good PR they imagine they can conjure, and how much "raw meat" (Hubbard's reference to new recruits) they can bring into their organization. The official internal Scientology memos I've been receiving call for the bulk purchasing of cult literature to be distributed by largely untrained adherents at V-Tech and, this time, give the false impression that they are actually working with the Salvation Army.

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