Scientology Extremism - Crusade Against Psychiatry - 2008-08-22

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F355.png Scientology Extremism - Crusade Against Psychiatry August 22, 2008, Protest Against Scientology's Abuses , YouTube

Scientology's leader, David Miscavige, discusses the cult's war against psychiatry. (Scientology 2006/2007 New Years Celebration)

Their stated goal is "The Global Obliteration of Psychiatry".

Scientologists are heavily indoctrinated with anti-psychiatry propaganda, based on the writings of L. Ron Hubbard. They believe that all atrocities are caused by psychiatry, from the Holocaust to modern day terrorism.

In fact, L. Ron Hubbard's opposition to psychiatry arose because psychiatrists condemned his book, "Dianetics". Hubbard wanted the psychological techniques described in Dianetics to replace those of psychiatry.

Without support from the medical or research community, he discovered a way to continue profiting from his untested and potentially harmful techniques - he incorporated Dianetics into Scientology, a "religion" of his own making.

The cult of Scientology has attracted criticism because of its extremely abusive practices and policies. Scientology policies encourage Scientologists to commit offenses including fraud, practicing medicine without a license, unlawful detention, harassment and extortion. Extreme methods are authorized according to Scientology ethics, particularly when dealing with "suppressive persons" - anyone considered to be an enemy of Scientology.

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