Scientology Founder's Wife Gets Prison Term - 1983-01-08

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F43.png Scientology Founder's Wife Gets Prison Term January 8, 1983, Al Kamen, Washington Post

Mary Sue Hubbard, wife of the founder of the Church of Scientology, was sentenced in federal court here yesterday to four years in prison for her role in a conspiracy to plant church spies in government agencies, steal government documents and bug at least one government meeting.

Hubbard, whose husband, L. Ron Hubbard, founded the controversial organization about 30 years ago, sobbed as she told U.S. District Judge Norma Holloway Johnson that she "sincerely and publicly apologized" for her actions.

Johnson ordered Hubbard, who has been free pending appeal of her 1979 conviction in the case, to turn herself in to federal officials in three weeks to begin serving her sentence.

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