Scientology Leader David Miscavige 3 - 2009-12-15

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F355.png Scientology Leader David Miscavige 3 December 15, 2009, scientologeez, YouTube

"In it the leader of Scientology, David Miscavige, talks literally of their plan for world domination — "spearheading the crusade for a clear planet" — and there is talk of a scheme to move the church to other planets too. On earth he claims over a billion followers, a complete takeover of the Colombian police force and that Bolivian president Evo Morales has started in the cult. It also becomes evident where the millions of dollars Scientology forces converts to pay to ascend its ranks goes — they have a yacht, a hotel, are expanding furiously into some prime real estate and translate and distribute millions of books and pamphlets across the world. The full three-hour video, filled as it is with bad CGI, can't have been cheap either."

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