Scientology OSA Peter Mansell Loses Control - 2010-02-10

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F355.png Scientology OSA Peter Mansell Loses Control February 10, 2010, HowSpaiDur, YouTube

Someone sent this to me. I luled. You will too.

Peter Mansell is the head honcho for the Scientology cult down in their spiritual mecca of Clearwater, Florida. He's Anonymous' official handler at the Flag Land Base and was critic Shawn Lonsdale's as well before Shawn died under what some believe to be suspicious circumstances. Before that Peter was the head of PR for Scientology in the United Kingdom. I've never heard him quite this enturbulated.

In this conversation the caller attempts to convince New Zealand born Mansmell that an advertisement that is highly critical of the cult will be playing during the upcoming Superbowl. Lulz ensue when Peter blows his top and begins yelling at the caller(s).

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