Scientology Oz-fest: Commenters of the Week! - 2011-09-17

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F11.png Scientology Oz-fest: Commenters of the Week! September 17, 2011, Tony Ortega, Runnin' Scared, Village Voice

This kangaroo is volunteering its time and no contract is implied Every Saturday, we say "what a week." But this time -- What a week! Right? With Scientology news breaking Down Under, and the countdown getting to single digits, and wacky stuff leaking in the UK -- the underground bunker was ringing with alarm bells all week long.

We started things Monday with #9 in our countdown, actor Jason Beghe, whose 2008 video denouncing the church is still a remarkable declaration of independence.

On Tuesday, a draft copy of a labor agency's report in Australia became news in that country, and we updated our earlier post about this investigation as, at this point, many of us watching these developments expected that the agency was about to lower the boom on Scientology's Down Under operations.

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