Scientology Raid Unconstitutional, U.S. Judge Rules - 1977-07-28

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F43.png Scientology Raid Unconstitutional, U.S. Judge Rules July 28, 1977, J. Y. Smith, Washington Post

A U.S. judge ruled yesterday that the government must return documents seized in an FBI raid on the Foundation Church of Scientology here July 8 because the search warrant used was unconstitutionally broad.

The raid on the church offices at 2125 S St. NW and a similar operation against Scientology offices in Los Angeles were made in connection with an investigation of alleged conspiracies by church officials. The purpose of the alleged conspiracies was to burglarize government offices, steal government property, and obstruct criminal investigations, according to court documents.

Chief Judge William B. Bryant of U.S. District Court ordered that all the materials seized here, and all copies and records of such materials, be impounded by the clerk of the court. He said the material would be returned to church officials unless the government appeals his ruling within 10 days.

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