Scientology Raid Yielded Alleged Burglary Tools - 1977-07-14

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F43.png Scientology Raid Yielded Alleged Burglary Tools July 14, 1977, Timothy S. Robinson, Washington Post

FBI agents who searched the Los Angeles headquarters of the Church of Scientology last Friday recovered electronic eavesdropping equipment and items described by the agents as "burglary tools" from a safe there, according to several sources familiar with the search.

The items were among those listed in a 459-page inventory of the search prepared by the FBI, the sources said. The agents reportedly confiscated as many as 200,000 documents in the search, so many that it took a truck to haul the materials away.

A church spokesman in Los Angeles, the Rev. Vaughan Young, said he could not comment on the alleged results of the search on the advice of the church's attorneys. Instead, he released a statement similar to others issued by church spokesmen since the raid, questioning the FBI's motives in the search, and saying it was in illegal seizure of church property.

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