Scientology Recon: Commenters of the Week! - 2012-01-14

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F11.png Scientology Recon: Commenters of the Week! January 14, 2012, Tony Ortega, Runnin' Scared, Village Voice

"Ready for your Super Power Rundown, Tom?" And we thought it was going to be tough to follow Debbie Cook.

We're glad that we got those improvements to the underground bunker in place before the new year; we don't know if the old setup could have handled the hurricane-force enturbulation that hit with the coming of 2012. While we were still recovering from the Debbie Cook cyclone, this week's stories really took us by surprise.

After starting our week with another installment of Sunday Funnies, we unwrapped a big present for our loyal readers Monday morning: previously unpublished renderings and schematics of Scientology's "Flag Mecca" -- the Super Power Building.

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