Scientology Search Troubles Judge - 1977-07-23

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F43.png Scientology Search Troubles Judge July 23, 1977, Timothy S. Robinson, Washington Post

U.S. District Court Chief Judge William B. Bryant indicated yesterday that he had deep concern about th legality of a search warrant executed against the Church of Scientology here and in Los Angeles, but said he would not rule on its legality until at least next week.

Bryant's concern was expressed over a provision in the warrant that allowed FBI agents to search for "any and all . . . evidence (at this time unknown) of the crimes of conspiracy, obstruction of justice and theft of government property . . ."

Although acknowledging that the language had been sanctioned by the U.S. Supreme Court in another search case, Bryant indicated that it troubled him that it was used in a search as wide-ranging as one at the Scientology church.

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