Scientology Strikes Back at The New Yorker - 2011-08-31

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F37.png Scientology Strikes Back at The New Yorker August 31, 2011, Jeremy W. Peters, New York Times

Known for its aggressive litigiousness and scorched-earth public relations approach, the church's latest target is The New Yorker, which in February published a 25,000-word article that painted Scientology as corrupt and cultish.

In response, the church has produced a 51-page glossy magazine and an accompanying three-part DVD that try to discredit The New Yorker, its writers, editors, fact-checkers and sources.

"The New Yorker: What a Load of Balderdash," reads the cover headline on the publication, Freedom, which is registered as a copyright of the church and bills itself as offering "investigative reporting in the public interest."

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