Scientology Sunday Funnies: Baby We're Amazed! - 2013-04-28

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F347.png Scientology Sunday Funnies: Baby We're Amazed! April 28, 2013, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

We're still reeling here over Friday's news that Scientology's drug rehab center in AtlantaNarconon Georgia — was raided by police in an insurance fraud investigation.

As we've been reporting in some depth over the last year, every step of Narconon's business plan is steeped in deceptions, all of which is designed to send money up the line and ultimately to Scientology itself. The raid may have been prompted by a single instance of allegedly fraudulent insurance billing, but we're salivating over the thought of so many documents being seized that a U-Haul trailer had to be brought in to carry it all away. If you're familiar with the backstory, you know that it took attorney Jeff Harris years to get extremely damaging information out of that facility. Now state investigators have a truckload of the stuff. As Mike Rinder pointed out on Friday evening, this is turning into Scientology leader David Miscavige's worst nightmare.

However, it may be quite a while before we learn what was in those documents. And in the meantime, we have another set of mailers and fliers that our tipsters sent to us for this week's Sunday Funnies. So let's dig in!

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