Scientology Targets Kids - 2012-02-03

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F0.png Scientology Targets Kids February 3, 2012, Marija Andric, Croatian Times

The campaign was exposed by dad David Millar, 46, who lives in the Austrian capital Vienna and who sent a letter to local media to complain when he was asked by his six-year-old son Michael "Daddy, What is Scientology?"

Unsure where the question originated Millar had asked his son why he was asking - and discovered the US-based cult advertising on Nursery TV, an iPhone App from Rotherham-based company Music Factory Entertainment Group Ltd.

Peter Parkin, chief executive of the Yorkshire-based company, said he was shocked and disappointed and would be demanding an explanation from Google but said it was out of his control. He said: "The mechanism's that control advertising content are controlled by Google on Google AdMob, they look at browsing history and the type of App and in theory as I understand it this sort of thing should not happen.

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