Scientology Tour Crumbles - 2007-10-11

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F143.png Scientology Tour Crumbles October 11, 2007, Christopher Sablan, Letter from Samoa, New Zealand Herald

The visit hit a bad patch when claims were made that the tour received the blessings of the National Council of Churches (NCC). Reverend Oka Fauolo, NCC Chairman, publicly denied the claims ,even turning down a request by Mathew Adams (head of the Scientology group) to give the opening prayer at the exhibitions launch as this might give the impression that he endorsed the organisation.

Furthermore, a protest march at last Wednesday's opening was held by pro-Christian supporters. They alleged the Church was attempting to make inroads into Samoa. Mr Adams said much of the criticism laid against the Church was gleaned from faulty information and general misunderstanding.

Reverend Oka Fauolo cautioned against forming quick opinions about the Church of Scientology but thought the organisation should, more appropriately, be associating with professional groups like doctors and lawyers and not the Council of Churches as the group had told him that they were in fact not a Church

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