Scientology Units Yielded Variety Of Files in Raids - 1977-07-12

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F43.png Scientology Units Yielded Variety Of Files in Raids July 12, 1977, Timothy S. Robinson, Washington Post

The documents seized from the Church of Scientology by the FBI last week, include dossiers on the personal lives of judges handling Scientology lawsuits, files on "bugging devices" and a "locksmith course," and employee directories and organizational charts of several federal agencies, according to court records.

Federal prosecutors want to show these documents to a federal grand jury here, which has begun to hear evidence that Scientologists allegedly infiltrated the Justice Department and the Internal Revenue Service and stole some of the agencies' files on the religious sect. Five Church of Scientology officials were briefly brought before the grand jury under subpoena yesterday and are scheduled to return later.

At the same time, however, [WORD ILLEGIBLE] for the Scientologists went to [WORD ILLEGIBLE] try to prohibit the government [WORD ILLEGIBLE] showing the grand jury or [WORD ILLEGIBLE] the many cartons of [WORD ILLEGIBLE] by teams of FBI [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Scientology offices [WORD ILLEGIBLE] Angeles Friday. A federal judge will hear arguments in the case today.

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