Scientology Weddings Has Familiar Element - 2006-11-17

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F372.png Scientology Weddings Has Familiar Element November 17, 2006, Associated Press

ATHENS, Greece (AP) _ Some marital advice Tom Cruise and his bride-to-be could receive Saturday: Never go to bed angry at each other. Or they may be told that newlywed "girls" expect "frills" and maybe a cat, and young men are prone to "forget" their promises.

It's part of the guidance that Cruise and fiancee Katie Holmes may get from a Church of Scientology minister at their planned wedding in Italy _ a ceremony that's drawn attention to the marriage rituals of the church that counts the groom as one of its most famous and ardent followers.

Scientology nuptials have many familiar elements _ such as a bridal procession, rings and a presiding minister _ while also adding the promise to clear the air before bed. The most traditional vows include "poetic" insights into men and women, including the frills and forgetfulness, that are meant to signify the need to "stand by each other," said a church minister who has performed weddings for 30 years.

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