Scientology circus could lead to citation - 1987-02-13

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F15.png Scientology circus could lead to citation February 13, 1987, St. Petersburg Times

City Manager Tony Shoemaker met with Church of Scientology attorney Paul Johnson Thursday afternoon to discuss the church's plans to sponsor a circus Saturday without obtaining an occupational license. Pink fliers being circulated by the church say a circus on its property across from Coachman Park will include elephant rides, horses, big cats and clowns. City officials say the church needs an occupational license, signed by the City Commission, to hold such an event. Because the commission doesn't meet before Saturday, the church couldn't get a license even if it sought one. So far, it hasn't. "If they proceed with the circus, we will in fact cite them," Shoemaker said Thursday. The citation would require the group to go before the city's code enforcement board. If found in violation, the organizers could be fined up to $250. That's cheaper than the $375 the church would have to pay to get an occupational license.

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