Scientology cited in killings - 2007-07-10

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F73.png Scientology cited in killings July 10, 2007, David Braithwaite, Sydney Morning Herald

They denied her the treatment she wanted, then dosed the 25-year-old with their own medicine, specially imported from the US. Finally, as her mental health worsened three weeks ago, they crumbled and let her take anti-psychotic drugs she had been prescribed.

But it was too late. The unfolding tragedy came to its bloody head at Revesby last Thursday. After an argument with her mother, the young woman was found that afternoon confused and wandering the street with a knife. Inside the family home her father and teenage sister lay dead. On the driveway outside, her mother moaned for help as she bled from stab wounds.

That night in hospital, with her wrists in bandages, the young woman screamed: "I just want a knife. I want more killing. More, I need more. I'm wanting more killing."

This account of the woman's mental disintegration was revealed in court documents in Bankstown Local Court yesterday.

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