Scientology had woman in isolation - 1997-02-21

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F15.png Scientology had woman in isolation February 21, 1997, Thomas C. Tobin, Scientology, St. Petersburg Times

In the days leading up to her unexplained death, a 36-year-old member of the Church of Scientology was being kept in isolation at the church's Clearwater headquarters and had started banging her fists against the wall, a Scientology lawyer now says.

Lisa McPherson was kept "from the secular world" by her own choice after an emotional breakdown left her wandering naked near downtown Clearwater, said Elliot Abelson, a Scientology lawyer based in Los Angeles.

During her isolation, he said, McPherson entered "kind of a self-destructive mode."

Abelson and other Scientology representatives insist McPherson was well-cared for at the Fort Harrison Hotel. They say the church's attention was supportive and benign.

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