Scientology has $297-million growth plan - 1993-10-28

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F15.png Scientology has $297-million growth plan October 28, 1993, David Dahl, St. Petersburg Times

The church's bold plans were outlined more than a year ago in documents filed in Washington to persuade the IRS that Scientology was a bona fide religion that deserved tax-exempt status. On Oct. 1, the IRS ended years of dispute by granting the tax-exempt status to 153 Scientology churches, missions and corporations. The tax agency then made public nine boxes of its examiners' questions and Scientology's answers in connection with the tax dispute.

The church's spending plans were outlined in response to an IRS inquiry about the Scientologist's reserve account. Along with continuing to build up its reserves for a rainy day, the church said it has specific plans to spend $432-million on renovations, property acquisitions and dissemination of Hubbard's works.

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