Scientology has been desperate to produce results in Texas for a very long time - 2021-06-16

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F347.png Scientology has been desperate to produce results in Texas for a very long time June 16, 2021, Chris Shelton, Underground Bunker

I was a Sea Org management executive for the western United States for about nine years, a veritable eternity to hold a single job in the Sea Org. In that capacity and later when doing other Sea Org jobs, I visited almost all of the Scientology churches west of the Mississippi. All of them except for Austin! And yet, the staff and Scientology public of Austin always held a special place in my heart and I thought I might explain why. Almost everything here is based on just my recall from memory as a former Sea Org member, so any errors in the reporting are on me.

The entire time I was in management, from 1995 until 2004, Austin was split into two organizations – a Day and a Foundation. We had extensive Data Files on each organization; these files are a computerized and indexed collection of all the reports, statistics, letters, staff member and income reports and other relevant information from each organization, filed for each month. They go back for as long as each org has existed, although getting access to anything other than statistics prior to the 1990s was pretty much impossible since the files were microfiched and we didn't have microfiche readers anymore, while the archived hard copy files were in some warehouse on Hollywood Blvd. But regardless, the files we had gave me a good picture of the history of the place and – surprise! – it's always been a hole-in-the-wall, barely-keeping-the-doors-open kind of organization.

In fact, this is so much the case that I found Hubbard had personally intervened to keep the place from closing down when the Executive Director (ED) of the Day org (I believe this was back in the early 70s) had written a resignation letter to Ron and called it quits. A full evaluation of the situation was done by Hubbard himself, who sometimes would do that kind of thing for individual orgs who were in trouble. An evaluation is a kind of administrative exercise using the Data Files to come up with basically a best guess as to why the organization is floundering (the "Why") and then propose a series of steps to handle that Why. This always includes, by the way, a "Who" also, meaning the individual or individuals who are blamed for the situation. Usually the Who wasn't really some evil operator throwing wrenches into the machinery, but just some poor schlep of a staff member working his ass off for peanuts but not succeeding. Hubbard's vindictive nature was such that he wrote into the policy that there had to be a Who and they were always to be deemed "counter intention" to what Hubbard wanted.

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