Scientology in France: Still Guilty of Fraud - 2012-02-02

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F11.png Scientology in France: Still Guilty of Fraud February 2, 2012, Tony Ortega, Runnin' Scared, Village Voice

French Scientologists had held protests outside the appeals court in Paris Big news this morning out of a French appeals court, where a decision was handed down regarding Scientology's 2009 conviction for fraud.

Scientology watchers around the world have been keeping an eye on the proceedings, which were wild and woolly: in November, Scientology's entire contingent of attorneys and defendants stormed out of the courtroom, complaining about how the case was proceeding.

Well, now they have even more to be steamed about. At about 4 am our time this morning, the Court of Appeal in Paris upheld the 2009 convictions of two Scientology organizations and five individuals, as well as about $800,000 in fines.

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