Scientology leader's dad pens tell-all - 2016-04-28

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F44.png Scientology leader's dad pens tell-all April 28, 2016, Ian Mohr,

Ron Miscavige claims that his son created 'The Hole' as a way to punish insubordinates, subjecting them to deprivation and violence while detained.

Ron Miscavige says he introduced his first wife and four children to Scientology in the 1970s as he was trying to find a cure for David's asthma.

The entire family left its home in Willingboro, New Jersey, to join Scientology. They initially went to England for training. They all stayed in the church for more than quarter of a century until Ron Jr. quit in 2000. David's twin Denise and younger sister Lori are still understood to be Scientologists.

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