Scientology leader jailed for fraud - 1999-11-16

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F345.png Scientology leader jailed for fraud November 16, 1999, Jon Henley, The Guardian

In another blow to the controversial Church of Scientology's battle to be recognised as a religion rather than a sect, a French court yesterday found one of its former leaders guilty of fraud and sentenced him to six months in prison.

Xavier Delamare, a former regional Scientology leader in south-east France, was given a further 18 month suspended sentence by the Marseille court while four other members accused of fraud, violence and illegally practising medicine were given suspended sentences of six months to a year.

Article continues The verdict marked the end of a decade-long investigation into the group's activities in Marseille and Nice. Church officials were accused by former members of selling bogus "purification" treatments costing between £1,200 and £15,000 but consisting mainly of sessions in the sauna, jogging and vitamin pills.

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