Scientology recruits a new ally - a real life 'Forrest Gump' - 2017-01-29

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F347.png Scientology recruits a new ally - a real life 'Forrest Gump' January 29, 2017, Tony Ortega, Underground Bunker

Our man Rod Keller is back, keeping an eye on Scientology's sneaky moves to rope in unsuspecting new recruits...

The Church of Scientology issued a press release for an Interfaith Coalition event held at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater Florida on January 21. The opening prayer was given by Father Bob Swick, who we spoke to in August 2016 when he participated in a Purple Heart event held at the same location. Scientologists Pat Harney of Scientology's secret police, the Office of Special Affairs, Alex Melgarejo of the Scientology tutoring school Community Learning Center, Christian Vargas of the Scientology front group United for Human Rights, and Anna Harbour all attended.

The headline speaker was Terry Hitchcock, author of A Father's Odyssey, an account of his journey by foot from Minnesota to the Olympic Games in Atlanta Georgia in 1996. Hitchcock ran the equivalent of 75 marathons in 75 days, and has been called a real life Forrest Gump because of the similarity to the cross-country running of the Tom Hanks character in that 1994 film. Hitchcock's book was made into an award-winning documentary, My Run by director Billy Bob Thornton.

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