Scientology rehab facility roadblocked - 2015-02-04

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F0.png Scientology rehab facility roadblocked February 4, 2015, Brittany Gogo, CHCH

A controversial drug rehabilitation company with links to scientology is looking to set up shop in rural Milton, but the town is fighting back. The town has denied the application, citing a zoning issue, and the application will now go before the Ontario Municipal Board at the end of next month. Narconon advertises itself as a non-medial rehabilitation program, using unconventional methods – like spending 5 hours a day ina a sauna and taking mega doses of vitamins.

The company wants to open up shop in Milton, and have purchased a property on Milburough Line. The town says this type of facility doesn't belong on an isolated country road. Councillor Cindy Lunau maintains the property is not zoned for for institutional use.

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