Scientology run-ins bring warnings - 2010-04-28

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F7.png Scientology run-ins bring warnings April 28, 2010, Thomas C. Tobin, Tampa Bay Times

Rinder was standing near his car, chatting on his cell phone, he said, when he noticed all seven marching toward him, loudly chastising him and hurling profanities.

He said they took the keys from his ignition and tried to hold his car door closed as he struggled to get out. Three followed him into the office of Holly Johantgen, a doctor of oriental medicine who was treating Rinder's girlfriend with acupuncture.

Johantgen said the three pushed past her as she let Rinder into the office. She told them to leave and tried to close her office door but was ignored.

"You wouldn't have expected to hear these things coming out of their mouths," Johantgen said, noting that all seven were middle-aged and dressed in business attire. "It was just so aggressive, very much in-your-face, arms in the air, like 'F -- - you' … It was surreal. Unbelievable."

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