Scientology singled out? - 1988-05-27

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F15.png Scientology singled out? May 27, 1988, Richard Haworth, Letters, St. Petersburg Times

I am responding to your May 18 article regarding the misuse of Clearwater Building Department computer codes.

What struck me as interesting is that, with all the people who were quoted or discussed in the article, the various building department officials, including the one who inadvertently gave away the secret computer codes, the only religious affiliation mentioned was that of Mr. Hoeffer and his association with the Church of Scientology.

Certainly this whole thing was an unfortunate occurrence, and, fortunately, no harm was done as the building in question evidently did pass a bona fide inspection.

But why is the religious affiliation of Mr. Hoeffer any more relevant than the church attended by Mr. Bob Zacker, who inadvertently gave away the secret codes, or the religion of Mr. Christiansen or Lt. Jack Dowling of the Clearwater Police Department or. .. ?

I have read your paper for many years and, by and large, find the information contained in your stories relevant. But what puzzles me about the building department computer codes story is why anyone's religious affiliation makes any difference.

Does it? Richard Haworth, public affairs Church of Scientology, Clearwater

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