Scientology the cult of disbelief - 2007-07-11

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F44.png Scientology the cult of disbelief July 11, 2007, Michelle Cazzulino, Daily Telegraph

Beals said he had been advised by the Church of Scientology against seeking therapy. According to him, the organisation's members talked him out of accessing psychological help while "bleeding dry" his bank accounts.

"If I wouldn't have got involved with Scientology, I wouldn't have committed this crime," he said.

After Beals' remarks were published by the Salt Lake Tribune, the response from the Church of Scientology was swift and scathing. In a letter to the editor, the Church of Scientology's executive director Joava Good pointed out that the Parole Board had subsequently rejected Beals' appeal and claimed his statements relating to the church were "baseless and false".

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